I am still building my portfolio & learning/refining basic skills, so I’m happy to do trade work. I like to have a pretty good idea of what we’re trying to create and what both of our goals are in the shoot beforehand & really like as much direction as possible while I’m still learning my angles & such. I also like to get to know who I work with on a personal level to feel more comfortable working with them. Makes it more fun & since I’m not getting paid right now, why do anything that’s not fun, eh? 😉

In terms of the work I’m looking to do: The more imaginative/creative/unique the concept for the shoot, the more I’ll dig it. In terms of fashion, I love crazy out there haute couture, avant-garde, period costume, goth/punk/alternative, and retro glam stuff more so than super girly/feminine or flirty/sexy. I also am pretty broke so I can’t travel super far from Sugarhouse, but I do have my own car, so it’s mostly just gas money that’s the trouble.

Here are some of the types of shoots I’d love to do, but understand it may not be feasible with the constraints of current circumstances d/t the fact that I don’t have a large wardrobe/accessory/makeup/etc collection:

+ Underwater (darker hues, wistful expressions, swirling colorful cloths, mermaid, etc.)
+ High fantasy cleric, paladin, warrior, elf, nymph, monster, demon, angel, etc.
+ Cosplay (steampunk, cyberpunk, dystopian adventurer, superheroes/villains, etc.)
+ Period Costume (baroque, medieval, victorian, georgian, elizabethan, vedic, etc.)

Props I’d like to use in shoots:

+ masks (gas, plague doctor, masquerade, venetian, horror, etc.)
+ wings, colour contacts, hair extensions, fake nails (basically totally transform)
+ traditional outfits such as kimonos, sarees, salwar kameezes, flamenco dresses, etc.
+ a billion other things… I’ve got scenes already constructed in my head too! 😛