Mental Health Update

So, I’m about to be going down to 50mg of lamotrigine – I was at 200mg for years, so that’s pretty huge – next week. I’m still at 25mg of venlafaxine, but I was on 150mg for almost the same amount of time that I was on lamotrigine for. I’m hoping to be off of lamotrigine by the end of January if not sooner & off of venlafaxine by March if not sooner.


About Gryffin Corp is an intersectional minority founded & operated international charitable nonprofit organization based out of Bellingham, Washington, USA. GC prioritizes holistic wellbeing & integrative health recovery by developing social support programs geared toward improving diversity, equity, inclusion, acceptance, accommodation, & the celebration of neurodivergent, queer, disabled, chronically ill, BIPOC, and other minority communityContinue reading “GRYFFIN CORP”


If you’re not sure how you ended up here and what this website is all about or if you’re just looking for more info, please allow me to introduce myself as the host of this site. About Jax Name: Jax Gaius Bayne Pronouns: they/them or he/him Neurotype: Autistic with cPTSD Heritage: Catalan-Cuban & European AmericanContinue reading “Welcome!”

A Quick COVID-19 Note

Just because I’m not posting much about COVID-19, doesn’t mean that I’m not holding those who have suffered & died in my heart.

Life Goals

All I really want in life is to become a genuinely good, nice, kind, caring, productive person.

Slow On The Uptake

We’re all living beings trying to figure out how to live better, but we’re not all capable of the same things or moving at the same pace and we never, EVER will be, so we have to let that dream die already. Please try to have some patience & tolerance for those of us who are a little slower at this process than you might be. We’d REALLY appreciate it.

Letter To Myself

Hey, Jax.

I’ve noticed that things have been going very well for you recently. One might even say that almost all of your dreams have been coming true in the sense that opportunity after opportunity to accomplish your goals has presented itself & continues to do so. That’s pretty rad, dude. Grats & stuff.

What Is Self-Love?

I haven’t made a blog post in a while.

I haven’t updated my social media accounts either.

So, why is this?

Here’s the full story.

Vulnerability & Shame

What makes you feel vulnerable? What triggers feelings of shame for you?

The harder it is to open ourselves to the possibility of being vulnerable, the more likely we have experienced some form of trauma in our lives. The earlier on in our lives that we were exposed to something traumatic, the more ingrained those neural pathways are, meaning the more likely the roads that leads to us experiencing feelings like shame are well travelled.