Model Exposé

Jax Bayne

Painting by Greg Oswald

Growing up, Jax enjoyed sketching as they contemplated being a fashion or costume designer. Jax’s other hobbies didn’t stray very far from this future dream as they also enjoyed the performing arts, writing, and a variety of arts and crafts.

Now that they are older, Jax has gained interest in cognitive neuropsychology, linguistics, philosophy, and religion. They believe that

‘there is a lot of possibility for research that could be life changing when implemented in clinical testing settings.’

Photo series by John C Graves

However, as fickle as a child’s heart can be, Jax has never given up on their dreams in the arts. What has kept Jax so focused is what has been inspiring them though the years.

‘I enjoy creative escapism of all forms & have always desired to be someone other than me due to a lot of personal health difficulties, both psychological & physiological, so I’ve enjoyed dressing up and cosplay acting ever since I was small. I also got stage fright during puberty & stopped any form of performance art for over a decade. I started modeling less than a year ago to push myself to confront my fear. It’s still difficult each time, but I’m always happy I pushed myself afterwards.’

We at YnnDrox Media enjoyed getting to know Jax, and we hope that you enjoyed getting to know them a little bit more, too. From our own experience and from what you have read, it is clear that Jax is someone who is more than just a face behind a costume.

– Excerpt from YnnDrox Media‘s ‘Jax Bayne Model Exposé

Jax Bayne SSHQ YnnDrox 2017