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I have been modeling since 2017, but have only recently moved from feminine to masculine and androgynous aesthetics so I’m having to relearn posing. 

As such, I like to work with photographers who are good at directing models for posing. I also like to have a pretty good idea of what we’re trying to create and what both of our goals are in the shoot beforehand & really like as much direction as possible while I’m still learning my angles & such. I prefer to get to know who I work with on a personal level to feel more comfortable working with them. 

In terms of the work I love to do: The more imaginative/creative/unique the concept for the shoot, the more I’ll dig it. In terms of fashion, I love crazy out there haute couture, avant-garde, period costume, goth/punk/alternative, and retro glam looks.

Here are some of the types of shoots I’m into doing:

+ Underwater (darker hues, wistful expressions, swirling colorful cloths, merman, etc.)
+ High fantasy cleric, paladin, warrior, elf, monster, demon, angel, fae, etc.
+ Cosplay (steampunk, cyberpunk, dystopian adventurer, superheroes/villains, etc.)
+ Period Costume (baroque, medieval, Victorian, Georgian, Elizabethan, Vedic, etc.)
+ Traditional outfits from around the world in authentic contexts that are respectful

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